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The innovative ironing board  Optima Pro XL  It is the most compact ironing board when folded for easy transport and perfect storage. Optima Pro XL provides perfect stability and efficient ironing with an extra large ironing surface of 137 x 45 cm  - the largest for a folding table. 

Made in europe


2 year warranty

OPTIMA Folding Ironing Board, 137 x 45 cm + 1 Sleeves Iron

€142.90 Regular Price
€121.47Sale Price

  • • Professional size when opened and perfect stability

    • Small size when folded for easy storage and transport

    • Ironing surface: 137 x 45 cm - classic design

    • 100% vapor permeable cotton cover

    • 8mm padding for comfort and smoother ironing

    • Weight: 8.13 kg

    • Stretch cover for easy installation

    • Lilac and white cover

    • Steam flow mesh surface for best ironing results

    • Aluminum legs and feet

    • Infinite height level adjustment up to 93 cm and non-slip feet

    • Two integrated wheels for easy handling and transport

    • Epoxy-polyester coating with cataphoresis treatment: no rust

    • Rest of iron

    • Solid steam unit holder for steam generator irons

    • Patented folding system

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