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Express Duo XL sleeve 140 x 60 cm with adjustable drawstrings

Two reversible faces.

For Maxi Plus Pro boards and  Styl Aluminum Pro


Adaptable to any table up to 130 x 50 cm

Express Duo metallic ironing board cover


    Two reversible faces. One 100% cotton, another metallic, with padded fleece.

    In addition to being highly resistant to high temperatures, the "Express Duo" cover, thanks to its padded surface with fleece, facilitates ironing, reducing the time and effort used by about 20%, either with the steam iron or with the traditional one.

    Two different faces at your disposal.

  • Adjust the cover to the board so that the laces are entirely under the platform.

    When it is properly adjusted, pull the laces in the direction of the base, tighten the fixing spring by inserting its extremities inside, tighten and release.

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