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Certified Double Climb Pine Wood Step Ladders


It is Ideal for Professionals: Painters, Plasterers, Electricians or even for your home because it is very beautiful. 


  • Pine Wood 1st quality. Ideal for professional painter, plasterer and electrician installers.
  • Dimensions: Stringers 70x24 mm, Steps 70x22 mm.
  • Wooden Staircase WITHOUT VARNISH  with joint formed by 2 galvanized steel hinges
  • Nylon tape for anti-opening security
  • Reinforced non-slip rubber pads
  • Load capacity: 130 kg. EN131-1 / EN131-2 certified.
  • Made in Spain

  • 3 Steps: 6 kg
  • 4 Steps: 8 kg
  • 5 Steps: 10 kg
  • 6 Steps: 12 kg

Pine Wood Step Ladder

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