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Telescopic articulated ladder 5 + 4 aluminum rungs.

Extremely versatile, easy to store and transport. Articulated in scissors through the telescopic movement from rung to rung of the external parts of the ladder, and extendable, perfect for carrying out uneven work.


Closed dimensions: Length 142 cm, Height 22 cm, Base Width 61 cm

Closed height: 142 cm

Scissor open height: 229 cm

Fully extended: 483 cm

Weight: 12.00 kg


Made in Europe. European Standard EN131. Supports a maximum load of 150 Kg.


Warranty: 2 years


Each part of this ladder is made up of two different sections of 5 rungs, which can be used as a 5-rung stepladder, a 9-rung stepladder or an 18-rung support ladder.

Telescopic Articulated Ladder 5 + 5 aluminum rungs

€215.80 Regular Price
€209.33Sale Price

  • In scissors: 5 or 9

    In support: 18

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